Thursday, 17 March 2011


 delivered a fresh batch of Fur/felt feeling jewelry yesterday to 123.

Leaf Badge by Michelle Lowe Holder-£11

With colours more incandescent than that of the 90's Rave era, Lowe-Holder produces solid hairbands,

necklaces and earrings ALL AVAILABLE AT 123 Bethnal Green Road.

Bunny Purple Ring by Michelle Lowe-Holder- £15

Michelle is central to uprising Sustainable Fashion  with her ethical jewelry and having done projects for the

likes of Topshop she is no stranger to the fashion scene.

Eco ethusiast Livia Firth is also a fan of the feminine pieces made by Lowe-Holder.

Arms Charms by Michelle Lowe Holder-£22
And how could you not be?!

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