Thursday, 10 March 2011


The Queen of "The King's Speech" 

Livia Firth

knows how to do ethical fashion. 

Livia Firth wearing Henrietta Ludgate. A black version is available at 123. 

Not just knows how to do it, but wear it, write it and preach it. 

And she is yet to bore the world with her (and her husbands) sustainable stutter. 

Livia took the "Green Caret Challenge" which entailed wearing only ethically made garments on the red 


Not only has Colin Firth's wife dined with the likes of Graydon Carter (editor of Vanity Fair)to talk 

about ethical fashion's new Project CLEAN BY DESIGN but she is also teaming up with Carter for Christies Green Auction. All in the name of Ethical Fashion.

Livia writes:

"In clear, practical terms it's a blueprint (should that be greenprint?!) for designers who want to design 

waste and pollution out of their work, and that includes fashion."

Livia wears Henrietta Ludgate at 

Throughout her blog Livia talks of ethical fashion , how to sustain it without even a hint of "ethical 

warrior" attitude.

Down to Earth Livia, with a title of contributor on , is the Samantha Cameron of 

Ethical Fashion. 

With her piece de la resistance (123's personal wetting point!) being a dress made of 11 

recycled dresses puts Mrs Firth is in a different league, esthetically and ethically. 

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