Wednesday, 23 March 2011

SAM CAN-Samantha Cameron wears leather skirt.

What with Sam being all over our screens of late it was hard not to notice when we saw

Samantha Cameron rocking a leather swing skirt.
Samantha Cameron in a Leather swing Skirt at LFW

123's Leather Swing Skirt, available at 123 and online. 
Hold up.

I think I just posted the same picture twice, or is Sam Cam's skirt exactly the same as ours?!

Being an advocate for BFC and of course the PM's wife; Samantha's attire has been consistently in the 

press, critiqued and analyzed by journalists and fashionistas alike. 

and what with her wearing an imitation of our leather swing skirt, we think Samantha is on the fast track 

to being the next Jackie O. 

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