Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Who actually IS jack?

A facebook post and a glowing review prompted 123 to stalk, Google, hunt down and find out... 

         WHO IS JACK?

We got as far as their website and...we are still looking for Jack, BUT we are yet to tire of our search.

Who's Jack is an online and paper distributed magazine, aiming to explore, excite, ignite and expose young new talent.

"In five years Jack has gone from an idea to putting on live events, urban festivals, had a bi-monthly, A5 fanzine that grew into a monthly A4 glossy magazine and launched  Who’s Jack online and Jack TV."

Interviews with the likes of Mcfly to Two Door Cinema Club, Who's Jack covers an array of talent making Who's Jack one of the most interesting and informative websites to hit the web in years.

So irrelevent of Who Jack actually is, this "idea" that has grown into a phenomenon is sure to tickle everyones fancy, especially ours. Luv ya Jack x

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